Reinventing mining for the electrification of everything and enabling discovery of precious untapped water resources

Typhoon™ detects hard-to-locate deposits of sulfide minerals containing copper, nickel, gold and silver, at depths of over 1.5km, accelerating and de-risking exploration and lowering costs

Typhoon™ is part of I-Pulse’s suite of exploration, survey and data processing technologies used to seek out untapped water resources in high-value agricultural regions where water is scarce. Assisted by Computational Geoscience’s custom software and IP processing tools, the Typhoon™ data acquisition system is one of the most accurate and powerful geophysical survey technologies available today.

Typhoon is being deployed by Ivanhoe Electric, a publicly traded former business unit of I-Pulse, for metals discovery. I-Pulse’s IPW unit is employing the technology for water discovery.