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Innovative technologies for a new industrial revolution

Bmax designs, produces, operates and sells advanced manufacturing solutions that dramatically outperform existing metal forming and welding processes.

Bmax transforms the way industries work with metal. Using powerful electrical pulses, we can weld without heat and join different metals that are normally unweldable. We form parts and shapes that cannot be made with any other process and crimp high-voltage cables that are the most effective and durable on the market. Our solutions use less electircal energy and eliminate harmful waste products.

Bmax’s pulsed power technologies accelerate metals at the speed of a bullet, making them act like a liquid without getting hot. That allows us to create unique and low-cost industrial solutions in aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, luxury packaging and more.

How Bmax is revolutionizing manufacturing

Magnetic Pulse Forming

Magnetic Pulse Forming gives manufacturers the power to create complex and extremely detailed metallic shapes more efficiently and with fewer steps and less equipment.

High-Voltage Cable Crimping

Magnetic pulse crimping uses powerful magnetic fields to actually shrink a lug onto a high-voltage cable and compress the wires inside at the same time. Magnetic pulse crimped cables are the product of choice among heavy EV truck manufacturers today because of their extreme durability and long life.

Electro-Hydraulic Forming

Electrical pulses passed through water create powerful shockwaves that transform metal into a liquid state for millionths of a second. That allows the forming of shapes at high speeds in cold conditions that simply cannot be achieved through any other process.

Cold Welding

Metals are accelerated into each other at supersonic speeds, creating an extremely strong weld at room temperature. We can weld dissimilar metals that were previously impossible to join together and we can combine parts from the same metal, such as aluminum, without using any extra materials. We use this process to make accumulators for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

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