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Mining is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas in the world. I-ROX’s pulsed power solution eliminates the most energy intensive parts of the rock crushing process while increasing mineral recoveries. Our I-Mine business combines drilling and processing in one machine enabling miners to go from rock face to processing in just one step.


To reach the enormous untapped potential of geothermal energy, we need a cost-effective way to drill deeper. G-Pulse combines pulsed power with conventional drill bits to soften rock, accelerating the process and extending the life of the tool. Blue Spark Geothermal applies a low-cost solution to clear well blockages and return wells to peak production.


Bmax’s pulsed power technology makes metal behave like a liquid for a few millionths of a second without getting hot. That allows us to create green and cost-effective manufacturing solutions across industries including automotive, luxury products, aerospace, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


Our I-Cube Research center is constantly innovating, improving and testing new pulsed power solutions to transform a wide range of industrial processes, making them better, cleaner and more cost-effective.

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