Watch Robert Friedland in Keynote Interview at Qatar Economic Forum

(May 16, 2024) Robert Friedland, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of I-Pulse Inc., shares his insights about the importance of reducing energy consumption and how I-Pulse is changing the way we use electricity across industries.

In a discussion with Erik Schatzker, Editorial Director of Bloomberg New Economy at the Qatar Economic Forum, Friedland describes how pulsed power works and why we need it to revolutionize many energy-intensive industrial processes such as mining, manufacturing and resources discovery.

“Basic industrial process, making coal, making steel, the way we make automobiles, they use incredible amounts of energy,” Friedland said. “If you go to the United States, 60% of the energy in our grid is non-renewables, it’s coal or natural gas. If you start to have more efficient ways to make things with less power, you can shut off those dirty power plants and just stick with the cleaner ones.”

The Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg is one of the world’s premier economic conferences, with a focus on the Gulf’s rising prominence in the global economy. Energy transition and technology were two of the main themes at the event.

Watch the discussion here: